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  • Understanding what a Culture of Belonging is and how it feels
  • Reflecting on the feelings and behaviours that manifest for you
  • Developing strategies to disrupt them (white fragility)
  • Crafting a toolkit to regulate emotions and decentre yourself
  • Introducing Accountability Partners
Week 2: WHY NOW?

  • Understanding race as a social construct
  • Awareness of Britain’s role in erasing history & how it manifests today
  • Beginning to analyse current systems through this historical reference
  • Increased confidence in racial literacy
  • Understanding why you chose this journey

  • Understanding the race equation
  • Confidence in debunking racist myths
  • Acknowledgment of your own privilege and prejudices and where they come from
  • Beginning to unlock your privileges and latent individual power to collectively dismantle systems of oppression
Week 4: WHY HERE? 

  • Unpacking how the cultural sector is not an enabling environment
  • Exploring the dominant culture of white supremacy and its characteristics
  • Looking at the tools that we’ve been using – the status quo
  • Acknowledging the cost of survival for Black and Global Majority People
  • Starting to dream abundantly and considering alternatives

  • Revealing and testing the assumptions and limitations with which we operate
  • Discerning between equality and equity
  • Reflecting on organisational infrastructure and the limitations of ‘good intentions’
  • Dissecting a grievance policy and generating alternative practices

  • Understanding white comfort vs. safety of Black and Global Majority People
  • The Imagination Battle concept
  • Recognising where failure of imagination shows up in our sector and how it manifests
  • Collaborative ideation and beginning to re-imagine within the parameters of possibility

  • Generating ‘what if?’ statements
  • Creating your own anti-racist actions
  • Embedding accountability into your process
  • Considering what’s next

Our Zesting course is a seven week awareness journey for white identifying leaders that want to:

  • Root their anti-racist practice in knowledge of the history and context of racism in the UK
  • Unpack how white supremacy is embedded in our culture and specifically in the cultural and creative sectors
  • Understand their role in upholding systemic racism, the power and privilege they have access to and how to apply this usefully to create change around them
  • Develop a toolkit of analysis, reflection and application so their anti-racist practice is ever expanding and evolving
  • Connect to a network of other Zesters for accountability and ongoing support.

We are offering Zesting to organisations from Autumn 2022 onwards. 

Zesting is delivered over seven weeks for 20 white identifying members of staff and includes:

  • 21 hours of facilitated content (3 hour weekly online workshops)
  • 7 hours of self-organised learning between workshops
  • Accountability Partners
  • Decompression Space

Scaleable pricing depending on organisational size.

The work we have done with Zesting is revolutionary. We were transformed because of the space that was held for us to do the work. We are now a stronger, more transparent and accountable company and while there is lots more to do - Zesting gave us a foundation to move forward.

Rob Watt, Artistic Director, Theatre Centre2021 Zesting Participant

Participating in Zesting has made a profound difference to my anti-racism practice. I now have the tools to act with greater intention and an understanding of the actions I need to take in my every day. Zesting fuelled all of our imaginations for tangible ways we can make things better.

Emily Fleuriot, Creative Content Director, Redwood BBDO2022 Zesting Participant

I found Zesting a transformative experience. The knowledge that was generously shared has been invaluable and I think about it every day. The generosity of the facilitators was a huge part of this. It was one of, if not the, best training courses I've participated in.

Ruby Glaskin, Executive Producer for Milk Presents2021 Zesting Participant

The Zesting course took each of us on a hugely challenging, sometimes shattering, personal journey but the incredible care in the session design and the safe, open, generous spaces the facilitators created enabled us all to be bold and put the work in. We heard and shared some really hard things but there was such growth and learning in each conversation, it became the highlight of the week.

Emma Rees, Executive Director, Theatre Centre2021 Zesting Participant

The Zesting course was truly one of the best courses we have been to. You’ve created the most constructive way I ever experienced to get people to embrace and implement an anti-racism practice in their organisation.

Helene Granqvist, President of Women in Film & Television International, Sverige2021 Zesting Participant