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The What if Experiment supports organisations to build cultures of accountability with an anti-racist lens.

Led by Sade Banks-Tubi, alongside a team of Associates who share a hunger for disrupting the power structures at play in the creative and culture sectors and creating spaces to imagine and practice alternatives. 

We are facilitators, thinkers, innovators, artists, activists and community organisers. 

Our specialism is anti-Blackness, and the intersectionality of our team allows us to apply multiple lenses to our approach and respond to what we find. 

The What If Experiment is an evolution of Sour Lemons, 2016-2021, created to disrupt decision making tables in the creative and cultural sectors with leaders who happened to be diverse. Sour Lemons was funded by Arts Council England’s Transforming Leadership Fund, National Lottery Community Fund’s Leaders with Lived Experience Fund and Esmée Fairbairn’s Open Funding for organisations addressing systemic racism. Its legacy is being played out in The What If Experiment’s ongoing commitment to creating anti-racist and human centred practices.

What If… was founded in Dec 2021 by Sade Banks-Tubi and Chloe Osborne.

Sade Banks-Tubi



Sade is a Disrupter, a Dreamer and a Doer who believes that power can and should be dismantled with kindness and compassion.

She creates opportunities that support people to know better, so they can do better. Sade is guided by an abundant imagination that understands there is never one way of doing things, that there are always more questions than answers, and that failure comes with the gift of starting again.

Sade works collaboratively to create safe spaces for herself and others to grow, evolve and unlearn. She moves with tenacity and care. With radical generosity at the heart of her practice, she advocates fiercely for the safety of Black and Global Majority folx.

At The What If Experiment, Sade listens deeply to understand where harm is being caused, what needs to change, and creates strategies that build cultures of belonging.

Jane Trowell


Jane is a deep listener, avid collaborator and sober optimist. She is dedicated to co-learning, repair and equity to release each other in becoming our most capable, visionary, thriving, communitarian selves. As a facilitator, she is committed to holding brave conversations that address, delegitimise and undo whiteness, racism and other oppressions, and support those harmed by them. As a white middle-class cis woman, she practices redistributive justice and is constantly evolving understanding of this.
Jane’s background is in artistic and learning methodologies. These underpin her ongoing training in non-violent communication and conflict transformation. Jane offers long experience of intergenerational working, in cultural activist projects and arts organisations led by people younger than her, in settings where colleagues who are Black and of the global majority are the founders and leaders, and in processes of collective problem-solving and creative visioning.

Simone Watson-Brown



Simone is a creative architect, process deviser and personal connector with a methodology that brings engaging and experiential learning into the training room.

Simone is intrigued by the human experience - the intricate details that influence our habits, decision-making and behaviours.

At its core, Simone’s practice is people. She came into this practice through creativity. Fuelled by the radical and generous possibilities that rehearsal can afford us as a space to try, and fail until we succeed.

Within the rehearsal space for real life, Simone works with people to lead more impactful professional lives - whether that be by developing the self-esteem of young adults, building trust amongst board members or supporting leaders to be authentic and impactful communicators.

At the What If Experiment, Simone guides organisations through discomfort into accountable action, so that Black and Global Majority People can thrive in their creative endeavours and professional careers.

Sharan Jaswal



Sharan is an educator, facilitator & changemaker passionate about empowering individuals and communities through transformational learning. She dreams of a world that is equitable and abundant, where power is in the hands of the good, gracious and great.

With a background in youth and education work, Sharan designs and facilitates programmes on gender & racial justice, wellbeing and leadership, and believes in the magic of creative and inclusive learning environments. She enjoys sparking curiosity and powerful conversation to affect meaningful change, and comes with a playful toolkit of strategies to empower groups to journey, learn and grow together.

At the What If Experiment, Sharan helps to create brave and compassionate spaces for people to learn in community, connect to their humanity and co-create a better future for us all.

Alex Ruhland-Syquia



Alex is a passionate and persistent doer, collaborator, and strategist. Fuelled by the potency and potential of collective liberation, they are driven to disrupt and rebuild systems in service of our shared liberation. Alex approaches the work of building an antiracist future as both a human challenge and an infrastructural one. Their particular focus is on the organisational, institutional, and economic forces which reproduce inequity. Calling on diverse experience from across disciplines and sectors, they deploy the lens of their mixed heritage and white passing to scrutinise — and, ultimately, to help reimagine — the hidden structures of oppression.

In their work with What If, Alex holds the process of auditing organisational policies and procedures, working collaboratively with the team to imagine and create institutional alternatives.