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  • We invite people to work with the radical imagination to start practising alternative ways of thinking, being and doing.
  • To create vibrant alternatives to the status quo we are experiencing today, in which everyone can thrive.

  • We can hold mirrors up to the ways in which you are currently working, to invite deep thinking and exploration.
  • To catalyse the change needed in your approach / practice / model / vision / strategy.

The What If Experiment offers two different options for short or flexible ways of working with our Associates.

A critical friendship with The What If Experiment involves travelling alongside one of our Associates for an agreed period of time (from one off sessions to a 12 month journey). 

A critical friend is a trusted person who asks provocative questions, supports people to (re)examine what they do and how they do it through another lens, and offers critique of a person’s work as a friend. 

Part coaching, part consultancy, part facilitation, our Critical Friendships offer a focused development journey responding to the specific needs of your organisation.

We can also provide one-off bespoke provocations in the form of workshops or talks to disrupt your organisational practices as needed. 

Provocations will be co-designed with your organisation to ensure that the intervention is both targeted and spacious, inviting changes in mindset, behaviours and actions. 

We have experience of doing this at boards of trustees and leadership teams, as well as departments and for consortiums of partners. 

Working with The What If Experiment has been the most constructive strategic interrogation of Artillery’s purpose, vision, values and approach we have ever embarked on. I have not participated in a single other process or strategy development workshop that has navigated us with such agility towards articulating clearly why we exist and what drives us.

Morag McGuire, Co-Director, Artillery: Mobilising creativity in neighbourhoodsCritical Friend

Critical Friendship sessions with The What If Experiment are always incredibly exciting and gratifying, they not only hold a mirror up to my work but also help me to see new potential in it. When I feel trepidation about venturing into the unknown they encourage me onwards with assurance, expanding my thinking, inviting more questions, leaving me buzzing!

Emily Jenkins Director, Move Dance FeelCritical Friend